Tuesday, September 8, 2009

My 100th Post!!!

Ok so this is my 100th post!!! Yay! Well, a lot of updates and neat things for sale. My laptop [silver 15 inch macbook pro] has met the end of our relationship. I needed more memory, the arrow keys, cd drive, and slowness [from my enormous files] made me realize I should get a new laptop while I can still get the student discount. So, hopefully Corey's little brother might buy it but let me know if you have any interest anyway. I'm asking for $400 [an amazing deal.]

ALSO...I have a BRAND NEW, never opened 8 gig I-pod touch for sale aswell. Normally $230.00, I'm asking for $184 [my amazon].
http://notebook.mynoxil.com/img_data_nb/Apple_:_MacBook_Pro_15-inch,2.4GHz_666.jpg16GB iPod touch

I am soooo excited to be typing from my new laptop!! I've saved up, but if people bought my old laptop and the ipod touch that would help! I got the 230 GB 13" macbook pro and I am so happy! I'm ready to make 100 more posts and edit lots of photos!! Hope you have a great Tuesday Night!

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Catherine said...

woooooooooo!!!!!!!! :) :)