Sunday, March 4, 2012

Getting Organized

Last year was my first year teaching K-5 Elementary Art.  It was my first grown-up job, but I honestly felt more organized last year than I have this year.  I think part of my problem was that last year I had to make everything from scratch [all of my examples, lesson plans, research, etc.], and this year I have struggled to locate so many resources that I used last year.  I decided enough is enough and it is time to get it together!  I follow a blog called Deep Space Sparkle, and I stole her idea for organizing lesson plans and art examples.  Unlike a regular classroom teacher, art teachers have the issue of needing something other than a 3-ring binder to hold our lesson plans.  Everything is not an 8.5x11" paper in my world!  I went from a million papers, examples, folders, and misc. ideas and handouts to neat envelopes with concise labels to help me easily find what I need!

What do you think?


Anonymous said...

I think that's great and I might just steal it!

Unknown said...

Glad you found it helpful!