Monday, September 3, 2012

Apartment Tour | Storage in Small Spaces

I haven't done an apartment tour since we moved from Mebane.  We have a lot more space than we did in that studio apartment, but we have accumulated more stuff since getting married.  Here's a tour of our new place [we just moved here in July], complete with storage solutions.

The Kitchen:

One of my favorite ways to store things is with flower pots.  The grey one is from Carolina Pottery.

Office Area:
[More flower pot storage.] I got this painter's palette from an antiques shop in Mebane.
Bookshelf tour-
The Dining Room:
We use our "dining room" as an office right now...and our "table" is a desk [unless friends come over for food haha].  I also use weird things to hold my mail and I don't really like any of them...any tips?
The Bedroom:
We have an on-going collage of memories over our bed.
The Bathroom:
 The Living Room:
I always get asked about my living room stuff:
-pillows are from Target
-rug is from Lowe's
-couch is from Macy's
-Corey's mom made the cat stand

I have a thing for baskets...even though Corey says they are the worst storage solution.  This spot on the couch is where I edit most photo sessions.
See you next time!


Anonymous said...

Your place is so pretty. You have such great ideas. Love u Aunt Wanda

Anonymous said...

Your apartment looks like something that would be featured in magazines. Have you thought about submitting the photos to Goodhousekeeping, Living Simple (not sure I have that title correct)?? You SHOULD!!!!!!

Amy Clayton