Sunday, September 2, 2012

DIY Dog Rope

Tug of war anyone?

I've noticed a trend amongst my friends recently...getting puppies!

 I went to visit one of these cuties yesterday and remembered a dog toy that I made my in-laws a few years ago.  I tried to show my friend how to do it, but I realized I didn't exactly remember what I did, and we didn't have the right supplies SOOO here is a tutorial!

DIY Dog Toy [or in my case cat toy haha]

First you will need to get a few pieces of scrap least a yard in length.
Cut the fabric into strips that are about 1.5 inches wide...did I mention mine will be a cat toy ;)? Tie all of the pieces together leaving a little bit on the ends.  I pulled each piece tight at this point [I will explain that a little bit better in another step]
Making this rope toy is super easy, you just make knots with each piece of fabric:
And then you connect each knot by tying it to the piece of fabric beside it.  [I tied the yellow to the grey, then the grey to the floral, then the floral to the next piece...etc.] Once you reach the end, go back the other direction.

It will start to look like this as you go along:
I started to get impatient and started doubling up on the pieces of fabric as I knotted [making sure that I connected each knot to the next piece of fabric.  This makes it much faster to do AND you can see the pattern on the fabric more.

You might have to hold it with your knees or feet as you go because you need to pull each knot really tight.

It should start coming together.

Once it's the length that you want, tie all of the pieces together to close it off.

Pull each individual piece tight. [Do this at the beginning too] This will ensure that it stays tied.

You will have some excess.  If this is for a cat, leave the excess! If not, trim the excess to match the other end.

You're finished! 
[I made this for a jack russell a few years ago and it lasted longer than a lot of his other toys, so it should withstand some serious tugging! For a stronger rope, use upholstery fabric.]

Trying mine out on Josie...

She approves!!!

Have fun! Do you have any fun pet DIYs to share?

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