Monday, February 18, 2013

Fresh From the Art Room

This is my first attempt to copy and paste directly from my school blog.  Let me know if there are any weird formatting problems!  If it looks weird to you, just go HERE.

A lot has gone on since my last update...

5th grade just finished working on a 2-part project involving line design and stippling.  They looked at the French artist Georges Seurat who painted using pointillism or stippling.

4th Grade finished their warm/cool color silhouettes, created a radial snowflake weavings, and has been studying North Carolina native Romare Bearden's collages in honor of Black History Month.  They created portrait collages using textured wall paper!
Warm or cool color silhouette:


By Bearden:

By our 4th graders:
3rd grade created snowflake prints using handmade stamps and ink!  They also studied Faith Ringgold story quilts in honor of Black History Month and created their own story quilts using fabric borders and markers.  We also read her book Tar Beach.
Snowflake prints:

Faith Ringgold's Tar Beach:

Our Story Quilts:

3rd grade is currently working on origami!
Winter Bulletin Board:

2nd grade completed positive and negative space trees using lines and patterns!  They have also been studying the same artist as 4th grade, Romare Bearden, to create music inspired collages using movement and rhythm.

1st grade and Kindergarten have both been working on similar projects.
They created color wheels using their primary colors and color mixing!  We read Mouse Paint, and our color wheels are inspired by the story.  They also created squish symmetry paintings, AND created snakes for Chinese New Year.  Some classes also had a chance to learn about background and create hearts using oil pastels based on Jim Dine's art.
Primary Colors and color mixing:

Chinese New Year Snake Puppets:

Jim Dine's Hearts:

Kindergarten hearts:

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