Monday, July 15, 2013

New House Tour: The Creek

So, I don't consider myself a "woodsy" person, or even an "outdoors" type of person [terrible I know].  I just really HATE bugs.  I'm the girl who screams at spiders, feels like there's bugs all over her when she sees just one ant, and has 3 bottles of OFF in her cabinet. So yeah, not a fan of bugs.  That's why when our surveyor told us there was something we needed to see in the woods behind our house, I said "go for it Corey" and went inside.  On his treasure hunt, Corey found a creek running through our property just a little ways into the woods.  He told me I should go check it out, and of course I laughed and said "that's a funny joke."  A few days later, his family came to visit and they all wanted to see the creek.  I am SUCH a party pooper that I said have fun, gave them the OFF spray, and continued to unpack.  Well, yesterday Corey FINALLY convinced me to go see the creek, so I put on some long pants, cowboy boots, a head scarf, and drowned myself with bug spray.  We set off on our journey to discover the rest of the property not contained within our sort of manicured [and not TOO buggy] yard...

The "entryway"...
 He's pretty cute, huh? :)
 At this time I'd like to point out that Corey got some poison on his leg. [Maybe he should have worn pants like the other people on this hike.]
 It has rained so hard lately that we can hear the water gushing from our back deck.
 This is where I point out that I squealed like a baby almost the whole time.  Also, Corey DIDN'T wear bug spray.  We were walking through clouds of mosquitos, and SOMEONE now has a million mosquito bites to go with his poison rash.  I'd also like to point out that I have ZERO bug bites.  Not too bad for my first trip to the creek. 

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