Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Fresh From the Art Room!

I can't believe how long it's been since my last classroom update!  Between snow days and school activities, the kids have had a lot of catching up to do on projects this quarter.

We recently finished quite a few global art projects.

Since our last update, 5th grade...
-Finished Chinese New Year Dragons

 Created Winter Olympics Pictograms while learning about Russian art and design.
 Completed tessellations while learning about translating shapes and patterns.

 4th grade...

Created posters about famous African American artists as a group and taught the class about their artists!  They learned about collaboration and art history.  They did such a wonderful job!
 They also just completed some one-point perspective drawings using vanishing point and horizon line.  They continue to impress me with their creativity.
You can see this project featured on the art bulletin board!

3rd grade...

Competed their Australian Aboriginal bark paintings

They also read "Rechenka's Eggs" and learned about the Ukrainian tradition of decorating eggs.
 [They created their own scratch art paper using oil pastels and black tempera paint!]

2nd grade...

Revisited primary and secondary colors to create St. Basil's Cathedral in honor of the winter olympics taking place in Russia.
They also read Rechenka's eggs and learned about the tradition of decorating eggs.
 [and created their own scratch art paper using oil pastels and black tempera paint!]

1st grade...

Also created St. Basil's cathedral from Russia while reviewing primary and secondary colors.

They also created their adorable hats for the first grade musical "Going Buggy."
They just finished making Chameleons after reading "The Mixed up Chameleon" and "A Color of His Own."


 Finished their Chinese New Year Fish.
ALSO reviewed primary and secondary colors while learning about Russian architecture in honor of the Olympics.
Kindergarten also just finished their chameleons after reading several books about chameleons!
All grades are currently learning about the art of Ancient Egypt!


Anonymous said...

I'm a new fellow NC art elementary teacher. Hey! It seems to me that you have a great way of organizing units. This is a weakness of mine. Having began in middle school where my units were more or less media-based rather than theme-based, can you fill us in on how you organize or arrange your "units"? I really want units to make sense to me, but so far, I can really plan in a way that makes sense to me. What's your system?

raeonix said...

I'm in the middle of teaching my grade 2 students how Ukrainian people share their culture, and I want to have them do something more fun than colour a sheet of paper. I think they'd be up for something like your oil pastel and black tempera eggs... Can you help me by breaking down the steps? I'd really appreciate it!