Friday, August 1, 2014

Currently | Those Back-to-School Commercial Blues

I can't believe it's already August.  Where did this summer go?  I am currently in that transition period between summer splendor and the reality that school starts in 2 weeks.  I'm also getting back into the swing of shooting this weekend, and I'm pretty excited about it.  I know now that taking the month of July off from photography was just what the doctor ordered.  I really enjoyed getting creative in other ways last month, and I'm feeling inspired and ready to take on a busy fall.
I'm currently working on some portrait paintings, cleaning out the house, making things for my Etsy shop, and accepting the fact that I will soon be putting all of my teacher stuff back into my car.  
[Didn't I JUST take it out?!]
I'm working on curriculum planning right now too, which is totally killing my summer buzz haha, but it's also necessary and exciting.  I love thinking about starting fresh each year, and I'm pretty sure Pinterest has revolutionized the art teaching industry [industry?] so, planning isn't so bad ;). 
The weather this week was so fall-like that it's taking the edge off of getting back to work.  Lots of dog walks and coffee were in order the past few days, and I'm soaking up every moment of the next 2 weeks. 
 [Aren't they the cutest?]
 Time to clean this mirror and snuggle the pets...have a great rest of your summer!
[And seriously...Target has the best back-to-school commercials, even if they are a buzz kill.]

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