Sunday, August 3, 2014

Dream It. Do It. Get Inspired.

There are so many places to find inspiration these days.  In college most of my creative inspiration came from magazines and reading blogs during my design classes. [but don't tell my professors...] 
One of my favorite blogs in college, A Beautiful Mess, was just starting out when I made this blog.  They have come so far in 6 years, and inspired so many in that time.  It's crazy to think about the impact we can have on one another.  
[And we can truly impact the world.]
My two favorite electronic sources of inspiration right now are Instagram and Pinterest.  I use Pinterest for teaching and home inspiration, but I use Instagram to get inspired more deeply.  I follow artists, bloggers, musicians, and women of faith.  It is so easy to lose yourself in technology, but it is also easy to see, experience, and learn from others.  We can follow people living all over the world and see what inspires them to create and grow.  I recently ran across this quote from Sarah Ban Breathnach...
I'm going to start a new segment on this blog called "Dream it. Do it. Get Inspired." where I share some of the people inspiring me at the moment.  People who I certainly think are the dreamers who DO.  And although I really don't think many people read this little blog, maybe someone does.  And maybe I can share this inspiration with one person, and they can create and grow too.

Get Inspired vol.1  |  Christie Dupree

One of my favorite bands is Merriment, and the lead singer is such a beautiful soul.  Her music and musings inspire me daily.  She recently posted some of her film photography with this quote, which is probably the most perfect description of photography I've ever heard...
 "I feel like a good photographer finds and borrows beauty that God has already put in the world; a beautiful face, the magnificent sky, the sun illuminating the softest hairs blowing in the wind..
But a great photographer borrows that beauty from the world, and then, at the perfect moment, draws forth a bit of their soul, and captures the beauty that God has placed within themselves."
As I was exploring the rest of her blog I discovered her cover of "Believing" from the show Nashville.  This song speaks to me and pulls my heart strings so hard I think they could break.

"When I get the feeling that my prayers have hit the ceiling, and those darker days when my faith has lost all meaning, you keep me believing."

What inspires you?

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