Saturday, August 2, 2014

New House Tour : The Master

We have lived in our house for a year now, so it's time for another room tour.  Right after we moved in I did a kitchen tour and a living room tour, but then I got distracted.  We weren't fully unpacked, school was about to start, and I just never felt like the rest of the house was finished.  We still aren't finished, but I want to document what our house looks like now before we change too much. [Then I can do before and afters!]  This is our first house together, and I know one day I will be glad I have these photos.

If you looked at the other tours, you know that I love yellow, blue, and red.  We decided to go with a yellow and teal color scheme in our bedroom, with touches of green and orange. 
The yellow frames in the gallery wall, the lamp shades, and the pillows are from Target.  The yellow cat planter is a vintage find from Etsy, and the bed is from IKEA.  My grandma gave me the yellow chair above [she found it at a thrift store], and I made the flower wall art. [Just in case you wanted to know all of that.] ;)
We also have sinks in our's kind of 90's, and we have mixed feelings about it [especially since we have carpet there too...yuck].  I'll spare you the photo of our tooth brushes and makeup, but I do have some fun jewelry/head scarf hangers!  I got the dog one from the flea market, and Corey's grandma gave me the cat one. 
I hope you enjoyed the room tour! We just painted our guest bathroom and gave it a super cute makeover, so that will probably be next!

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