Monday, September 1, 2014

Share the Love | Free Elementary Art Lesson Plans [Round One]

On my Instagram a few people expressed interest in my lesson plans.  I am all about sharing resources & collaborating, so here ya go!  Disclaimer-I am NO expert. And a fun fact- when you type in all caps, the spell check doesn't work [note to self].  Feel free to leave constructive criticism, and also feel free to snag these!  I will be posting the resulting student work as soon as possible.  I've done a lot of these lessons before, and some of the student work images are mine [I will link to the others].  Obviously none of the art history examples are mine ;). 
[click the image to see the full size for printing]

 The bottom examples are mine. [The primary robot example is from HERE.]
 Student drawing example found HERE. Adorable animal prints HERE.  In the past I've always done paintings with this lesson, but I'm leaning towards colored pencils this time.
[All student examples are mine :).] This is ALWAYS a huge hit and usually my favorite project.
 Van Gogh example HERE, Cezanne example HERE.
[All student examples are mine!]
What do your lessons look like?  As I said before, I am NOT an expert.  The learning goals are strands from the North Carolina Essential Standards.  I just decided to arrange my lessons this way to allow more room for visual examples [which are very helpful to me].  I'd love to see your lessons, and I'd really love if you used these lessons and shared the results!  Have a great week! :)


Ms. R said...

Would you ever consider sharing your PowerPoints?

I'm hoping to try the robot lesson with my kiddos this week!

Ms. T said...

I would love to see bigger images to show the student work that your students did for each project. Would you be able to post larger images?

purple days said...

For the robot project, did you pre-cut paper or pre-cut shapes for them?

Becky B. said...

Do you write a lesson plan like this for every project you teach? How many classes do you teach?

purple days said...

Hi Becky, I would find her on Instagram if you can. @artsyblevs