Thursday, September 24, 2015

Classroom Update #1

Here's an update of what the kids have been working on...

All grades except for kindergarten made portfolios on the first rotation and learned about art room procedures.  They will keep most of their artwork in their portfolio until the end of the year.

For their first projects students completed...

5th grade: Pastel Animals
We studied the works of Henri Rousseau and Franz Marc while discussing realistic vs. abstract art.  Students completed their own animal art choosing to create realistic or abstract drawings.
4th grade: Matisse Shape Collage
We studied the art of Henri Matisse and created collages using geometric and organic shapes.
3rd grade: Decorated Elephants from India
We studied the Indian tradition of decorating elephants and created elephant paintings using lines and patterns.
2nd grade: Cave Art
We are working on an ancient art unit, so for our first project we studied the French cave art from Lascaux.  Students created stencils and got to paint under the table like they were in a cave!
1st grade: Apple Still Life
We studied the art of Paul C├ęzanne and created apple still life painting.  We are learning all about still lifes this month! [more about this lesson HERE]
Kindergarten: The Dot | Owls
We learned all about the art room and painting procedures on the first day of art.  We read "The Dot" and created dot paintings.  On the second day of art students learned about drawing and coloring procedures in the art room and created owl drawings.

I hope you enjoyed our classroom update!

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Unknown said...

Thanks for the still life project. I'm also using it to teach the difference between shapes and form and creating the illusion of depth. This is the first class to complete the paintings and I anticipate more realistic paintings from second graders but I could not wait to post. Check it out at