Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Elementary Lessons

Sorry this took so long, but it has been a crazy few weeks!

Kindergarten- Identity Silhouettes
I traced their silhouettes using an overhead projector and they filled the silhouette with things they like.

First Grade- Kandinsky Shape Compositions
Students drew/traced shapes on their paper and alternated painting them with tempra blocks in warm then cool colors.

Second Grade- Horses and Degas
I read a story about Edgar Degas and drew horses step-by-step with the students.  They colored them in with oil pastels.
[mine obviously haha]

Third Grade- Native Canadian Owl Masks
I read a story "The Wise Owl"and talked about symbols.  Students made masks out of bristol paper and painted them with water colors.

Forth Grade- Self Portraits
Students used mirrors to draw self portraits.  They used oil pastels and wrote a short autobiography.

Fifth Grade- Clay Chimes
Students made wind chimes out of clay.  I didn't get to see the final projects because I left for middle school! :(


Kristina said...

Keep them coming! These are awesome!

Madison Kennemur said...

I wish we did cool projects like this in elementary school art.