Sunday, June 12, 2011

Highlights of being an Art Teacher...

This week was kind of crazy because it was the last week of school.  There were award ceremonies, field days, and barely any art classes.  Some highlights from this week were...

-Playing in the teachers vs. 5th graders kickball game [teachers won :)]
-At the 5th grade graduation, our principal mentioned how most kids would say lunch and gym were their favorite classes and they all started yelling "ART! ART!" :D
-Getting notes from the kids saying how much they'll miss me :(
-Seeing how much the kids have grown this year as they got awards

Here are some photos of my last project :( that I will be posting for the year.  Wish me luck in the job hunt as I get married and move closer to home! [Speaking of which, I get married in 6 days!]

In other news...

-Wishing I could post bridals because the sweet Jessica is going to be a stunning bride! [Editing still in progress]
-Also still editing: Cat's photobooth, Hayley seniors, and Shelly & Tiquan

....did I mention I'm getting married in 6 days?? Lots to do!!!