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Today was my first day back at school. Well, today was really a half-day, and not even a workday yet for me.  I do the big bulletin board[s] at schools, so I was meeting with my principal/unloading boxes of stuff into my room.  My meeting was about an hour and a half later than I expected, so I had some down time to work on hanging things in my room.  
My husband [bless him] came to help me reach all of the tall places.  He really came to help me unload boxes and take down the monster bulletin board, but we only had about 20 minutes to work on it in the end.
 [Isn't he cute in his scrubs? :P]
Since I don't have any fun, themed bulletin boards or finished room photos to show you, I figured I'd share my absolute favorite, fail-safe art hanging supplies for cinder blocks.  Most of the places I hang things cannot be reached by a glue gun [which is apparently a good tool for hanging].  I'd rather not balance on a ladder while holding something covered in hot glue. [yes?]
1- Wide Scotch Tape
This used to be my standard go-to hanging supply for hanging art on cinder blocks, and I still use it for a lot of things.  For some reason this tape works way better than duct tape for me.
2- These are MAGIC.  They hold everything up forever, don't damage the thing you're hanging or the wall AT ALL.  Last year I used them to hang everything, including heavy magnets, and I used the magnets to hold art work.
3- These are pretty standard, and always do a great job.  I'm going to use these to display student artwork this year.

When I had regular walls I used staples...probably way to much to be honest.  Cinder blocks are a different story.  What are your favorite wall hanging supplies?


Anonymous said…
Thanks for the tips :) I use 3m exterior mounting tape. Never falls off and one roll lasts the year and beyond
Ashley said…
Thanks for the tip! I've never tried that. Our school was just painted last year, and I always worry about messing up kids art work. Does it come off easily? :)
Unknown said…
I've never heard of wide masking tape, I want it! I usually use 3M for wall hangings and it has worked well for me so far. What fun to decorate a classroom! I would love to be a teacher one day :)
Ashley said…
Thanks for the comment Jamie! I love 3M for home stuff too! :)

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