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Hello there!
My name's Ashley, and I am an elementary art teacher and photographer [http://www.ashleyblevinsphotography.com/] located near Raleigh, NC.  I live with my husband and our 2 fur babies, Josie Cat and Penny Dog.  I enjoy illustrating, drinking coffee, and singing in the car.
On this blog you will find the my musings, inspirations, and the little things I'd like to remember.
Thanks for stopping by!
If you're interested in scheduling a photo shoot or ordering a custom illustration
 you can contact me here- ashleyblevinsphotography@gmail.com

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Unknown said...

Hi LOVE LOVE LOVE your classroom rules. Would you be willing to send it to me in full 8 x 10 so I can put it on the wall? I can pay you if required. thanks. baylalowy613@gmail.com