Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Central Carolina Fair

The Central Carolina Fair has a lot to offer to the community.   There is a nice blend of fun and creepy.  It's fun to walk around the fair on a beautiful day while eating a delicious funnel cake, but it's creepy to be yelled at by crazy carnies.


Saturday, September 19, 2009

Little Books

These are some little notebooks I'm making for our Art Ed. club at the Tate St. Festival.  They are made of 100% recycled and found materials from my pack-rat craft collection haha.

Happy Saturday

Some more Courtney and Johnny!
[and some cool room decorating ideas from the internet :)]

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Graphic designer?? No, just a girl. hahaha

So, I designed a shirt for Kristin and her cutesy elementary ed. friends....hope they like it!

Identity Quilt

Hopefully, after hours and hours of sewing, my quilt will look like this by tomorrow at 1 p.m.! I'm a little worried since pretty much the whole thing is just pinned together!
[wish me luck!]

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Giiiirls Night!! So Monday night my beautiful girlies and I had a dinner party at Kristin's apartment [complete with wine-a-ritas]. It was so fun to catch up and cook together. Here are a few pics from our great evening.

Cat making the 'ritas...

Portraits anyone?

Cooking [my mommy would be proud]

Also, Kristin's room is so cute! So here are some tidbits...

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

My 100th Post!!!

Ok so this is my 100th post!!! Yay! Well, a lot of updates and neat things for sale. My laptop [silver 15 inch macbook pro] has met the end of our relationship. I needed more memory, the arrow keys, cd drive, and slowness [from my enormous files] made me realize I should get a new laptop while I can still get the student discount. So, hopefully Corey's little brother might buy it but let me know if you have any interest anyway. I'm asking for $400 [an amazing deal.]

ALSO...I have a BRAND NEW, never opened 8 gig I-pod touch for sale aswell. Normally $230.00, I'm asking for $184 [my amazon].
http://notebook.mynoxil.com/img_data_nb/Apple_:_MacBook_Pro_15-inch,2.4GHz_666.jpg16GB iPod touch

I am soooo excited to be typing from my new laptop!! I've saved up, but if people bought my old laptop and the ipod touch that would help! I got the 230 GB 13" macbook pro and I am so happy! I'm ready to make 100 more posts and edit lots of photos!! Hope you have a great Tuesday Night!