Sunday, April 7, 2013

Fresh From the Art Room | Ancient Art and Symbols

I had a great time teaching our Ancient Art Unit last month!

K-2 learned about the oldest art in the world [cave art!] and specifically explored the Caves of Lascuax. We took a virtual tour HERE.

Second grade went under the tables to create cave art just like the painters of Lascaux!

Some classes also added their cave art "signature" [hand print] to our cave wall!  They used craft paper, oil pastels, and ancient symbols.

Students did a wonderful job in all 3 grades.  It was awesome to see them so interested and engaged in this ancient art form!

3rd grade and 5th grade both learned about the Aboriginal Art of Australia and created "bark paintings" of x-ray animals. The 3rd grade learned about the "Dreamtime Stories" the natives of Australia wrote about their bark paintings and wrote their own.


The 5th graders created an entire story out of ancient symbols and learned how people recorded life before a written language...

4th Grade is exploring Native American art by creating owl masks using symbols!  What kid doesn't love metallic paint and feathers!?


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