Sunday, May 26, 2013

Our [whole] Puppy Story

I know that I've been Facebook and Instagram stalked since this whole puppy business began, so I've decided to tell the whole story.  If you read my last post, then you know we were deciding about keeping a puppy.  Here's the WHOLE story...
A few weeks ago, a family brought their puppy into the vet because they thought she was sick.  They left to get money to pay for the visit and didn't come back.  The puppy had been living at the vet for a week or so and the people still hadn't come to get her when everyone started to notice a bond between the puppy and Corey [my husband].  After the owners continued to be flaky, they were notified that their dog would be classified as abandoned at x date, and we started thinking about keeping her.  We tried not to get attached because she could still be taken, and we decided that we should be responsible and not keep her.  Well, that lasted about 2 days.  We decided to keep Penny and she stayed with us for about a week until Friday.
On Friday, Corey went into work with Penny and was told that the owner was coming in to get her.  Apparently the vet wasn't allowed to keep Penny, and was supposed to put the owners on an installment plan to pay, and if they came to get her by the end of the day she would be theirs.  If they waited until the next day though, she would be ours.  The owner came to get her [on the last day they could get her of course] and Corey [while crying :( ] had to give her up.  He was devastated.  I told him to tell the owner that we'd buy her, so they exchanged information.  She said the dog was her son's and she would need to ask him.
I picked Corey up from work, and while we were driving home the son called.  He said he'd sell her to us so we headed to Raleigh to make the exchange.  We were sooo relieved to get back our puppy after we had been taking care of her and totally let ourselves get attached.  
We are so so happy to have our Penny back, and even Josie is okay with her [sort of] haha.  I know everyone will get tired of seeing so many photos of our babies, but we love them.  Thanks for all of the support and kind words as we dealt with a crazy puppy fiasco!!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

A Home for Puppy | A story in making grown-up decisions...

The past few weeks have been pretty eventful.  I've re-branded my photography business, my sister had a baby, Corey and I signed a contract on a house, and as many of you may know, we contemplated getting a puppy.
Puppy's owners left her at Corey's vet office, and she fell in love with him.  We decided to think about adopting her if her owners didn't return...
We do think that she is super sweet, but as we are approaching a major life change [becoming home owners], we ultimately decided not to keep puppy.  We would also be responsible for paying for damages and stains left in our apartment while we are at work.  We have a lot of unknowns finance wise for our future and we don't want to make a commitment we can't keep, or one that will put strain on our already tight budget.  Having a kitty is working for us right now, and living in a one bedroom apartment for a few more months would have made it difficult.
As Corey has said several times over the past few days, being responsible is hard.  We wish the timing was better and that we could keep her, but we know that she will get a great home and have no problem getting adopted.  If any of you are interested in adopting a very quiet, calm, and potentially BIG dog, let me know!  We want her to be adopted by someone awesome!  She's around 8 weeks and some type of mix [that's my vet-tech husband's professional opinion haha].  If you are interested you can message me on facebook or email [].  Her owners still have a few days to claim her, but it looks like they will not be returning.  Help us find her a great home!