Preparing for a Maternity Sub in the Art Room

I'm going to share the process that I went through to prepare my maternity sub plans!  I tried to provide links wherever applicable/possible.
First of all, I have 2 sub binders, one for the maternity sub and one for any other sub who may come to the room.  The maternity sub will use both binders.  I'm going to go over the maternity sub binder first, and then the regular sub binder.
In my maternity binder the first page has directions for finding information, a flash drive with the lessons and PowerPoints, a school calendar, and a very important sticky note about the type of paper to use for projects!

After that, I have a master list of the lessons along with tentative dates.  This is the first thing I made so that I could figure out how many lessons I needed to include in the book.
My first lesson is a super easy lesson that I would leave for an emergency sub.   It's just a lesson where students will create a "through the keyhole" drawing.  I printed off some examples from Google images.  I have an easy lesson that will be used for all grades first so that my sub can read through the next lessons and get supplies ready.
After that I have some basic information about the projector, logging-in, and some of what the sub will need to do to prepare for the next set of lessons.
My first "real" set of lessons are ones that usually take a while.  I've included links to these lessons below.

3rd-5th grade will all complete optical illusions.  I found a great PowerPoint and some great step-by-steps for each lesson.  I created handouts with each step for each lesson to help out the students and the sub.  I also included some books in case students want to learn more or the sub wants to share more information.
Each table will have step-by-step visuals.  I also made some copies for the 5th grade lesson for any students who are absent on the first day [because that part takes so long].

 K-2 will do a warm/cool leaf study

This is a lesson I used to do a few years ago, and it's really simple.  I tried to keep most of the painting lessons simple.  Students will trace leaf stencils, color the background with crayons and paint the leaves.  They will choose warm or cool colors [and the sub will introduce these colors to the students...eep!].

This is a lesson that I have shared on my own Teachers Pay Teachers site along with the handouts.
Every lesson in the binder is in clear sheets with my examples, artist examples, and sometimes student examples.  [Although for some lessons I printed images of examples from other blogs to save time.]
 4th Grade Castles [I got this lesson when taking the Deep Space Sparkle Art Teaching 101 e-course] BUT I also purchased this step-by-step PPT from TPT.
 Kindergarten "linescape" landscapes

I do this every year and it's SO easy peasy.
[I printed examples from Google images, but the lesson is from TPT]
I always do Chinese New Year every year, but I found this lesson and decided it was great to leave for the sub.
Behind the above lessons I put these extra lessons just in case.  Sometimes kids rush through, so I wanted to leave some backup lessons.
My maternity binder is in a big tub with some supplies, books, posters, and examples.
I've also labeled the types of paper.

Then I have my regular sub binder.  This has emergency information, classroom procedures, maps of the room, schedules, and emergency sub plans.

I have a basic map of the room with drill locations...
 I also made a really specific map of my room with all of the supplies labeled.
I have multiple sets of emergency for regular subs when I have a doctor's appointment or I'm just sick...
 And one for if I go into early labor...eek!
 I keep this binder on top of the paper I want the sub to use.  And you can see my "early labor" plans with dates.
 I also have MY teacher binder with student rosters for attendance and seating charts.
I hope you found this helpful! Let me know in the comments :)


PatH said…
Wow!! You are incredibly thorough and organized!! I found this information so helpful. I will definitely use it. Your sub and students are very lucky to have such a caring & fun Art teacher!! Thank you again and Good Luck!!!
Lorraine said…
I just love your baby bump doing a photo bomb in your pics. Your maternity sub is so lucky and fortunate to cover for you. I'm doing a maternity leave and I was not so lucky, was given an outline (more like lesson ideas, but no examples, worksheets or references). On top of it all it's my first job since graduation so I'm starting from scratch with my lessons. But not to be a downer I'm very fortunate and lucky to have a job and i love the kids and will miss them. I hope your baby comes when you are ready for (he/she) and enjoy your time with your precious one.
Anonymous said…
Thanks for all these detailed tips and for sharing your awesome lessons...from one busy elem art teacher to another--keep up the GREAT work!!!
Great write-up. I am a normal visitor of your blog and appreciate you taking the time to maintain the excellent site. I will be a frequent visitor for a long time.
Snippety Gibbet said…
What an amazing resource! I am going to go back to my blog,, and link back to this post. Thank you for for posting such a thorough overview! Jan
Snippety Gibbet said…

Here's the address of my blog post about this wonderful resource.

Art Sub Lessons
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