Friday, August 27, 2010



My daily schedule:
5:00 Wakeup/ get ready

5:30 Make Lunch and cofffee/eat

6:15 Head to school 

7:00-4:00 School

5:00 Come home, plan, get online, eat dinner.

9:00 go to bed. haha!

Well, I survived my first week of teaching on my own EVER!  I still haven't met all of my kids yet, but the ones that I've met have all been so adorable and funny.  I am excited to get started on projects next week instead of first day procedures and nametags.  I am going to be starting an Art History unit with every grade except 5th [because they are going to do origami and I have a really neat idea for them...].  Kindergarten is going to do a Monet painting, first will do Van Gogh, second will do Degas, third will do Rousseau, and forth will be studying Andy Warhol.  I am still figuring out how to make sure both schools have everything I need.  I've been making two of everything- posters, supply containers, nametags, etc.  I've had fun this week, but I'm also super tired and ready for the weekend.  As my fiance has been going to classes at UNCG all week, I've been feeling kind of nostalgic and wishing I could get up and go to Tate St. coffee and Design Archives, but then I remember I'm not down the street anymore.  I guess it's time to grow up, but maybe I'll be able to visit Greensboro and my friends more once things settle down.  Well, probably my longest post ever, but that's my update!  Have a wonderful weekend!

oh! and a quote from a student:

"miss perry...have you ever been in a movie?"
do you think you've seen me before?
..."yeah. I saw you in that movie. scooby doo. you are the girl named velma right?", but I guess I can see how you'd think I look like her.
"yeah...except you have big ol' glasses on."

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