Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Happy Wednesday...

I keep forgetting my camera when I go to school, so I only have a funny story and a couple of cell phone pics.

Yesterday I was eating lunch in my room when I saw a huge stray dog walk by my door [I was definitely confused]. A few seconds later one of the teachers knocks on my door and asks "are you an animal lover?" and if I could walk her to her classroom [requiring us to go outside by the dogs].  I said, "sure! just let me grab the broom," thinking that I could use the broom if the dog tried to eat us.  My fellow teacher and I head out the door and see 2 strays waiting in between us and the other building.  Behind the other glass door I see my principal and the class that is on their way to art staring at the dogs too.   I go out with the broom and another teacher comes out, walks right up to one of the dogs and pets it.  [Apparently one of the strays comes by a lot, but the other one was covered in battle scars].  My fellow teacher gets to her building, and I hear my principal say "Miss Perry was gonna get those dogs!"
I go back in with the broom, and a few minutes later my students come in to the classroom.  Their teacher said that she was wondering if they would be able to go to art until she saw me come out of the building with a broom, so she told her class that they were definitely going to art because I was going to get the dogs with a broom to make sure they got there.

On to today...
I had my first formal observation today.  As soon as the kids sit down, one raises his hand and says, "My sister said you were gonna get some dogs with your broom yesterday! She still talkin bout it!" that's my funny story for the past couple of days.

I am about to make some "Wild Things" with my kinders and first graders and leaves with my second graders, so I made a huge tree with Max leading the way...

Have a great Thursday!

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