Friday, December 30, 2011

Breakfast of Champions

Unlike most years, I have put off all of my teacher-related work until now [3 days until school starts again].  I don't have too much to do, but I can already feel that creeping stress feeling in my stomach.  I'm going to try to get it all done today, which shouldn't be hard, so I started off early with a breakfast of champions! Corey is still asleep, and I love these quiet mornings before the world gets up and I can watch the news with a cup of coffee and pet Josie without being made fun of...haha "Yes I'm taking pictures of my breakfast! So what? It's what I do!"

I had oatmeal with apples, honey, and cinnamon. [& Josie loved the smells]
Slowly sneaking to see where the smells are coming from...

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Unknown said...

i love that your coffee looks like straight creamer. :)