Saturday, May 12, 2012

Organization [or lack thereof]

I am a very unorganized person...recently.  I used to have planners and lists and color coordinated pens and tiny reminders everywhere of all of the things I needed to do.  I think that was the result of 13 years of public education and being told to have dividers, agendas, planners, and pencil pouches to find everything I could ever need to succeed in school.  My training lasted through college and has only recently disappeared mysteriously.  I had a planner this year, but I lost that thing months ago.  I survive using sheets of paper that live haphazardly in my various purses that are full of old junk and gum wrappers.  The only thing that keeps me moderately sane and on schedule is my computer desktop.  Every month my background is a 2-month calendar [the current month and the following month] with all of my obligations, appointments, photo shoots, and school functions posted and impossible to ignore.  Here are the past few...feel free to snag them or just look.  The calendars come from THIS website.  I just cut the month out and replace the font with Peggy Sue [my favorite font if you didn't already know], make a background and add cute details if I wish.  The last calendar has some of my obligations listed to give you an idea of how it looks [but not all of them...I AM a somewhat private person :)].  I hope that if you click on them they will show up at their original size [perfect for a mac background :)].  I just type in my various important dates and add little clip art if I want to.  How do you stay organized?
[Yes I am still editing a wedding and 2 family photo shoots...but who's counting???]

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