Wednesday, August 15, 2012

New Beginnings

I start back to school tomorrow, and the first day back comes on the heels of a summer full of hard work.  I spent all summer traveling, completing an online teaching class, taking pictures, getting my wisdom teeth out and working on a project that is very close to my heart.  In the seventh grade I met a girl named Kristin, and I'm pretty sure we were destined to meet, be awkward, and become best friends for life.  This is us...doing that whole awkward thing I was just talking about:

We were roommates in college, and in our college years we talked a lot about "maybe opening a shop someday, or a coffee shop, or something" like all people do and we daydreamed and made up shop names and moved on.  We are both currently teachers and loving it, but I guess our ramblings got the best of us and we decided to start that shop after all.  We are certainly in the [very] beginning stages, but I can't help but think [hope really] that this is the start of something great!  I do have a side business already, but this is just another way to use those skills and mix some of my craftiness and thriftiness in with it.  So, if you believe in dreams and new beginnings, go like our Facebook page and peruse our Etsy shop.
So here's to new beggingz!

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