Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Taking Back the Blog | Fresh from the Art Room

During college I was taking 2 computer design-ish classes at the same time from the same professor.  I basically sat at a computer for 6 hours straight hearing the same information twice [one class was just more advanced], therefore I created a blog to entertain myself. [This blog.]  It was called "My Library" then.  I posted photos of things I had done in class, fun photos, and the tiny beginnings of my photography business. [I also did a segment called "Awesome Chica of the Day" and you should definitely explore some of the first posts on here...I've come a long way]. The blog eventually became "Photography and Handmade Crafts by Ashley P," and I posted crafts and tutorials [I miss this phase]. And of course now it's "Ashley Perry Blevins Photography."  My business has really taken over this blog [and it's only small part of my life].  Part of why I like blogging so much is having the ability to go back in my life, years back, and see what I was doing then.  Although I REALLY love that I have a place to post photos for my business, I spend most of my waking hours teaching these days, so I'm going to start doing a segment called "Fresh from the Art Room" on here about what we're up to at school.  You can also click "My Classroom" at the top to see exactly what the kids are up to.  This will be more of my take on what goes on in my room. SO, I'm taking back the blog!  Here's my first "Fresh from the Art Room."

Right now I'm kind of art teacher geeking-out about what the 2nd-5th graders are up to these days.  They are doing self-assessments on their artwork and creating portfolios.  I've been showing them my high school work [which is kind of embarrassing because it's almost all cartoon related], and they LOVE it.  They all say "Is Ashley your REAL name?" which is kid talk for "first name."

Then I show them my "new" portfolio and talk about the requirements.  I pass back all of their artwork for the year so far and they work on self-assessments.  It's interesting to see what they write about their work and how they feel they're doing as an artist.
 My portfolio is simple because these are elementary kids AND we have limited time to work on them.  They all agree that pizza is awesome and that having a cat seems like something I'd do.  I love just walking around and listening to them as they show each other their art and work on their portfolios.  I hear things like "whoa! That's a really great drawing!" and my hear melts a little bit.  I also see some real budding talent in some of them.

I hope that my art teacher friends are still following along even though it's been a while!  See you next time!
~Mrs. Blevins ;)

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