Thursday, January 3, 2013

2013 | A Tale of Coming Unglued

I usually try to stay positive and post about mostly good news online.  There are much bigger issues in the world, and I am guilty of hiding/de-friending chronic complainers on Facebook. Who wants to hear people complain all the time?? This is one of those posts though.  A post where I need to vent, complain, and use this blog as an outlet to share my [tiny] anxieties and have a little moment.  [If you know me in real life, you know that I'm such a worry wart.] So here goes...

I've been back in school for 2 days and it's already craziness! I was sick before break and had some subs, so coming back to my room after the break was wild.   Instead of using my computer paper or the sub plans I left, I guess one of the subs used my expensive painting paper and did their own thing...yikes!  So I spent Wednesday morning running around, cutting new expensive painting paper, trying to piece my room back together, and getting ready for this week. [I think most teachers can relate]  My new lessons were slow, my old lessons were slow, and I'm lacking that freshness and patience that I usually come back with after breaks.  I'm also in charge of the yearbook and this week there was a crazy influx of new kids to add at the last second [the first half is due Sunday].  So this weekend will be stressful for sure.  I have 2 photo shoots Saturday, some photo editing to catch up on from the holidays, AND the yearbook.  [My heart's already palpitating...can you hear it??]  I think I'll pretend that my new year starts with the Chinese new year in February.  After the yearbook is turned in and I get back into the swing of things, THEN I think it will be smooth sailing...right?
See, I already feel better after talking to you. ;)

In other news, today I had to update my school webpage, so go check it out to see what's new in the art room! 
Here's a taste:
 5th Grade Castles:
 My caste example from the Deep Space Sparkle e-course this summer:
And some other goodies:

Goodnight, and hopefully YOU'RE 2013 is going swimmingly! :)


Southernblondie said...

Sweetie, you're suffering from superwoman syndrome! You will meet these challenges with your usual greatness! It's good that you recognize overload and good that you know you can handle it! I have faith in you!!!

Kara said...

I know just how it feels to walk into your classroom to find that when you were absent, the students used the expensive watercolor paper for something like "free draw" when you had left specific instructions for something else! So frustrating! Good luck with everything!!

Ashley said...

YES Kara that's exactly what happened! The sub let them freedraw instead of my plans AND used the expensive paper! And thanks Carol! :)