Monday, September 2, 2013

Follow me on Instagram

Hello Everyone!

If you love seeing my elementary art posts, then you should go follow my new Instagram @teachandshoot.  I will be posting photos of lessons, classroom organizing ideas, and of course adorable elementary art work!  I hope to see you there :).


Jan Briggs said...

I just saw a photo from your blog on pinterest and looked you up. I am always amazed at how easily things are all linked together. Anyway, I really liked the post that I saw and can't wait to look further at you blog. Also, I started to follow you on instagram and have to say that the idea of paper scraps, and mosaic pieces is genius! I'm going to steal that, just warning you. :) Thank you, JB

Ashley said...

Thanks JB! I also love how everything is connected these days. Thanks for the follow and the comment :)

Publish your passions said...

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