Monday, November 25, 2013

HUGE Art Room Update!

Since my last update we've been super busy!

5th grade has finished...
-Drawing still lifes from observation
-Drawing animals using oil pastels
I don't have as many photos of what 4th grade has been up to yet, but they have completed...
-Complementary color animal masks
-Positive and negative space tree drawings using value/shading
-Radial weaving designs
3rd grade finished...
-Oil pastel pumpkins
-Positive and negative space Picasso guitars
-Jungles based on the paintings of Henri Rousseau
2nd grade has finished...
-Dia de los muertos skulls [We learned about the Mexican holiday]
-Self-portrait collages
1st grade has finished...
-Wild Things using visual texture
-Tigers based on the paintings of Henri Rousseau
-Ojo de Dios weavings based on the Mexican tradition
-Oil pastel landscapes
Kindergarten has finished...
-Secondary color pumpkins
-Romare Bearden city collages
-Self-portrait pre-assessments
-Oil pastel landscapes
I hope you enjoyed the update!

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