Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A day in the life of an art teacher...

Being a teacher is pretty neat.  One of my favorite things is listening to the Pledge of Allegiance and all of the fun mistakes really nervous kids can make when they know the whole school is that wrong of me?

I pledge of allegiance, to the flag of the United States of America, and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under God, invisible, with liberty and justice for some.   We will now absorb the moment of silence.

It's pretty great.  But really, I love getting to know the kids and thinking about how they learn and grow.

Today a student who comes from a different situation pulled his tooth out. [Gross...for me anyway.  I'm definitely not a tooth person.] After he pulled it out [and I made him get a paper towel of course!], I overheard this conversation:
"Man, you better keep that tooth!"
"So you can put it under your pillow!"
'Why would I put a tooth under my pillow?'
"To get money from the tooth fairy!"
'What's the tooth fairy?'
And the conversation went on.  The student's current guardian works with me, so I emailed her to let her know.  I don't know if she will do anything, but his whole story reminded me of how lucky I have been to have so many loving people in my life.  I like to think that teachers have opportunities to help kids even outside of the school, so I'm excited to see this student's story play out.

Also...another story that Corey finds incredibly funny for some reason.  We've been making what I call "Line Storms" during 2nd grade.  A student was out, so I was helping him with what he missed.  While I worked with him, the kid across from him started telling us a have to read this with a very southern accent. [I teach in Johnston County] And every time there are dots you have to pause for at least 4 seconds.
"Sometimes...I wonder.  What if the Titanic...was a bolt of lightening...
And jumped up out of the water...
And flipped over an iceburg...flew around in the sky...
And landed on an island with no clouds....
Just white clouds."

Music Geek Alert-
Lastly, I heard a student singing a song as he came into my room today, "We are Young" by Fun.  It just made me think about how much I listened to The Format during college, and the fact that now Nate Ruess is in Fun and the Format broke up.  I wonder what it will be like when all the music that I listen to is on the oldies station...
And that's a day in my life.

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Unknown said...

you are so kind. i want my kids to be in your class.