Wednesday, September 12, 2012

School Started | Instagram Style

This year I started my third year of teaching and second year at my current school.  It is so awesome to come in knowing most of the kids and not having to start from scratch.  I knew the supplies I had and was able to plan this summer since I knew I would be teaching elementary grades.  It has been an awesome start to the year so far! Here is an Instagram photo update!
The photos on the right is my "first day of school outfit," which is just as exciting as an adult. The left photo is my inevitable 1st week of school Starbucks run.

There was also a really big storm on the first week that started just after car duty ended [only teachers can understand the joy of avoiding rain during a car line].
And there is also the daily pencil sharpening...63 pencils every day. [It takes a certain finesse.  The music teacher knows now that I'm a pencil sharpening master because I had to teach her a thing or two ;) haha.]
Cute drawings make my heart melt...this kid said "I drawed a dinosaur.  They use to be alive but now he's a stink." Sooo cute! And washing tables, YIKES!
There has also been amazing fall-like weather this week! YAY!!!
I hope that your school starting season has been great too!

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