Sunday, July 14, 2013

New House Tour: The Kitchen

These past few weeks I haven't been blogging because I've been really busy with the end of school, weddings, photo shoots, and buying a house!  We are feeling pretty settled [only 3 boxes left to unpack], and we have been working our butts off getting everything done.  It was a bittersweet goodbye to our apartment because we loved it sooo much, and it was our first "home" as a married couple, but it was time to make some decisions that would be better for us financially.  We are so excited to have our house, and we absolutely love it.  I will be posting a TON of pics this week on here and I'm going to start with my favorite room, because it's the most complete, and that's the kitchen! We love our new kitchen and we've spent the most time decorating and hanging blinds in there, so without further ado, I give you...the kitchen!

 We painted the back of the island with chalkboard paint...our first "major" change.
 I love yellow and red together.  Some people say it's mustard and ketchupy...but I disagree. So there.
 I also love my new kitchen chairs from Target!  I had one kitchen chair and one office chair before, so this is certainly an upgrade!  We are going to paint the table a high-gloss black and get a rug...eventually.
 We also love our curtains from IKEA! [Do you see the dog crate up there ^? haha, classy]
 I'm hoping to keep this little guy alive.  I use so much basil, starting an herb garden just seemed logical.  Wish me luck, I kill every plant that I touch. [fingers crossed]
 And what kind of an ex-barista would I be without a latte station?
 And finally, above the cabinets.  One of my favorite places to look.  [I wasn't joking about the red and yellow thing.]
I hope you enjoyed the tour! I will be posting tons of pictures this week inside and outside of the house.  Happy Sunday!


mandy said...

I love the yellow and red together! And I have been looking at those same chairs from target! Let me know how you like them! :) The kitchen looks great!

Ashley said...

We love them! They are super sturdy, and we don't really eat at the table a ton, so the fact that they're a little chilly on the tushie doesn't bother us haha.

Tawnie. said...

I love the red and yellow together! And the chalkboard paint on the island! It's like the perfect little command center! We just bought our first house in January, and are in the process of decorating a bit. Thanks for sharing!

Ashley said...

Thank you Tawnie! Just checked out your blog too! :)