Monday, July 22, 2013

New House Tour: The Living Room

WOW!  Time got away from me last week as I worked really hard on one of my custom illustration paintings, photo shoots, wedding photos, and visiting with friends.  But enough with the excuses... When I see photos of living rooms in magazines and online, I always feel kind of jealous.  My living room is a hodge podge of new, old, and borrowed furniture, knick knacks, art books, pet toys, puppy-friendly blankets on our once-chic couch, and a cat tower.  This room is definitely lived in.  I took these photos over the course of a few days because I never really felt like the room was "photo worthy."  We still aren't finished decorating, and there are still shelves and frames sitting on the floor waiting to be hung [not in these photos of course ;)].  We hope to put in hardwood laminate flooring at some point, but for now we are okay with the carpet [even though we are still potty training Penny :/ womp womp].  I like to think of the living room color scheme as kind of a primary colors scheme with red, yellow, and teal/blue, but there's some orange mixed in there too.  It still feels incomplete to me and kind of all over the place, but it's comfortable for us.  So here ya go, the living room!
 And what kind of an art history enthusiast would I be without showing off my new Georgia O'Keeffe book?! And my all-time favorite Matisse book <3.
Sugar Skull from Mexico and little owl from our honeymoon...
 She is the queen of this house...on her cat tower.
Those puppy-friendly blankets I mentioned earlier...and if you are my friend on Facebook you know WHY they're there. ;)
 AND proving my point...
 Where the puppy is SUPPOSED to sleep.
So, I don't know if you realize that my husband and I are COMPLETE nerds.  This is some of our comic book collection [the rest is in that red trunk].  One of our favorite past times in college was entering comic book character drawing contests on this site called comicvine...but this is a room tour, not an embarrassing story.
 The start of our family photo display, but we need to print some new photos!
 This is by the front door; the red trunk is our mail center.
I hope you enjoyed the tour!


Kaitlin Hassell said...

So pretty Ashley!

Ashley said...

Thanks Kaitlyn!! :)