Monday, August 11, 2014

See the World Anew

 [one of my favorite quotes from Patch Adams]

What a sad few days it has been.  
News of death, sadness, sickness. [Always I guess.]
The news from Iraq was so shocking, it really makes you concentrate on what's truly important in this life.  Celebrity death has also been in the news with Tony Stewart's accident and Robin Williams' passing.  Life is short, fragile, and full of uncertainty.  All death, especially suicide and murder is tragic, celebrity or not.  I think it's okay to feel sad about losing people we've never met or seen.  They were still someone's daughter, son, brother, or friend.  Some days, the terrible realities of the world weigh heavy on my heart, and other days I'm able to push the negative aside and simply enjoy every moment.  This week was a hard one, and I know I didn't lose anyone personally, but it still makes you think and pulls your thoughts to dark places.  Weeks like this are a reminder to live each moment to the fullest, and see the world anew each day.


Julie said...

For the first time ever I actually teared up a bit when I heard about a celebrity passing... Normally I think it's so strange when people cry over an actor/actress that they never even met, but I guess since Robin Williams was such a big part of my childhood it really hit me. So sad.

Ashley said...

I completely agree Julie! I usually think it's strange too. It's sad for anyone to die so tragically, and this week has been full of such terrible news. He was a really great actor, and a huge part of my childhood too!